Is your current phone system geared towards a different business size? Compu-Tech can help match your business with the perfect phone system. With Allworx and AT&T phone systems, you’ll never be left wanting – or with too much!

We carry:

  • Allworx 48x - The largest, most powerful system we offer. Good for exceptionally large businesses.
  • Allworx 6x - Good for small and medium sized businesses needing enterprise-level features.
  • Allworx 6x12 Good for businesses with up to 12 users who prefer corded phones.
  • AT&T Synapse - The most versatile, scalable system AT&T offers. Good for large or small businesses with many different needs.
  • AT&T Syn 248 - A limited version of the AT&T Synapse. Good for small to medium sized businesses that need a scalable, full-featured phone system.
  • AT&T SynJ - Good for small businesses with up to 10 users who prefer cordless phones.

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