Xerox printers offer a range of features and capabilities for all office needs. Compu-Tech Inc. can help match you with the best Xerox products for your business.


We provide:

Color laser printers that support small to large workplaces to maximize efficiency.

  • Phaser 6010 - Best for small businesses with low printing needs.
  • Phaser 6600 - Best for every day printing for small workplaces.
  • Phaser 6500 - Best for small workplaces requiring high speed and dependability.
  • ColorQube 8570 - Best for standard, every day printing.
  • Phaser 6700 - Best for every day use for large workplaces.
  • ColorQube 8870 - Best for high volume color usage.
  • Phaser 7100 - Best for medium sized businesses with higher than average printing needs.
  • Phaser 7500 - Best for workplaces with high volume color printing needs.
  • Phaser 7800 - Best for large workplaces in graphic-intensive environments.

Phaser™ 6600


Black and white printers that support any office size are a basic tool – reliable and standard.

  • Phaser 3250 - Best for personal or small teams with very low printing needs.
  • Phaser 3320 - Best for small teams with low to average printing needs.
  • Phaser 3610 - Best for a small team with standard printing needs.
  • Phaser 4622 - Best for large workplaces who need fast output.
  • Phaser 5550 - Best for high volume printing of large documents requiring stapling and hole punching.

Phaser™ 3610


Color printers start at $299. Black and white printers start at $249.


Call us for pricing and more details.