What does XP End of Support (EOS) mean?

Make the Move from XP

End of Support refers to the date when Microsoft no longer provides automatic fixes, updates or online technical assistance. Without Microsoft support, XP users will no longer receive
security updates that can help protect
their PC from harmful viruses, spyware and
other malicious software that can steal personal information.

Support Has Ended as of April 8th!

End of Support for Windows XP is Here

Have you considered the cost of NOT upgrading your PCs?

It costs less than you may think to get radically improved business tools. But what about the costs if you don’t upgrade? The costs and risks really add up.

  • More PC downtime that means lost productivity could add up to $1260 per PC per year.
  • PCs older than 4 years have 50% more problems than newer PCs and have a 30% higher cost-per-repair
  • With new systems, everyday computing is more than 3X faster than older systems
  • Older systems simply leave you under-equipped
  • Less protection for your business
  • The added costs and risk of an unsupported operating system
  • Less collaboration with customers and partners
  • You won’t be able to adopt to many new and better business processes
  • The lack of touch capabilities means you will increasingly be left behind
  • Less access to your apps and data means missed opportunities

There’s no comparison.

New Windows PCs are faster, more secure, and take advantage of today’s technology.

Windows 8
Windows 7
Windows XP
Start Screen with live tiles bring everything you care about front and center
Great apps built-in such as Mail, Calendar, Messaging, and SkyDrive, with many more available at Windows Store
Snap, Peek and Shake features improve multi-tasking and saves time
Look through apps, documents, and your entire PC with one, simple Search
Works with Windows desktop software, including the full Microsoft Office experience
Run many older Windows XP productivity apps with Windows XP Mode
Includes Internet Explorer 10 for more secure, fast, intuitive browsing
Trusted Boot helps ensure your device is secure every time it starts up
Provides enhanced data protection with BitLocker drive encryption to help keep your information secure
Enables you to connect to your PC when you’re n the go with Remote Desktop
Access important network files, even when you’re not connected with Offline Files
Location Aware Printing automatically prints to the correct network printer, whether at home or at work
System reset/refresh lets you easily reset your PC to original manufacturer settings with one click
Connect to your business network with Domain join and manage devices on multiple PCs through Group Policy